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Fighting for Your Child

Our Clients

"Lisa Perez possesses every quality that comprises a great educational advocate: knowledge, compassion, tenacity and professionalism.
Through her expert guidance and comprehension of special education laws, she was able to successfully negotiate with seven different school districts, and arrange for all of them to pay for outside specialized reading services that their students desperately needed.
She always remains hyper-focused on what is the best interest of each child that she serves and is unsurpassed in the field of educational advocacy." 
-- P.F. (mom)

Making an Impact, One Child at a Time...

In the Classroom

“Lisa has been instrumental in ensuring my child receives the services he needs to be successful in school.  We are grateful for her expertise and her tenacity to fight for what is right for our child’s educational needs.”


~ K.Y.

Teenage Group

“Lisa has been a lifesaver! Without her, my son was making limited educational progress and lacked any desire to learn in school. He is now in high school looking forward to getting into college, which is only possible because of Lisa's advocacy on our behalf. I cannot thank her enough for the difference she has made in our lives and in my son's future.”


~ J.W.

Interested Student

“Hiring Lisa Perez has been the best decision concerning my child’s education that I have ever made. Lisa was able to explain to my child’s school their educational and financial responsibilities under the law concerning my child. It was both eye opening and shocking to see how little the staff at this school knew about special education, writing an IEP, about disabilities and how to service children. Lisa has completely changed my child’s educational experience for the better. I would recommend her to any parent without hesitation.”


~ P.H.

Teddy Love

"Having someone like Lisa as an advocate on your child's IEP team, is priceless!  Not only does she know the laws, she also knows about many other assessments available that your school can administer to your child in order to more precisely indicate your child's abilities/needs, in lieu of just using the schools standardized tests."


~ R.M.

Group of Friends Going on Excursion

“We hired Lisa when we moved to Columbus 5 years ago. I have multiple children on IEPs and needed someone that was well versed on the rules, regulations and practical application of special education laws at the Federal, state and local level. Lisa knows her stuff and she knows the local school districts. She is a tough advocate that will represent your family in a professional and knowledgeable manner.”


~ G.W.

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