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We Understand

Making a Difference...

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Some parents find their local schools well-equipped to handle their children's special needs. For others, getting their special-needs child the help he or she requires is an enormously trying and emotional experience.


That's where I come in. My name is Lisa Perez.


I'm a Powell, Ohio resident and Founder/Executive Director of Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting, LLC for over ten years.  I am a wife and mother to three children. 


I help families of children with disabilities wade through the process of ensuring public schools provide a Free and Appropriate Education and to ensure your child’s educational rights are being met.


​Not only do I advise families on what to do when they believe their child is not making progress, I also attend school meetings with you to help you work collaboratively with your district.  

If schools and your family disagree on the circumstances, it typically leads to a lot of meetings and frustrations. Many meetings between school officials and parents of special-needs children can be tense, emotional affairs. My role, as your advocate, is to help support you and help you understand the educational data in your child’s school file.  I will work with you prior to meetings to set goals, and then accompany you to make sure those goals are met. 


Although I officially started Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting in September of 2008, I have over two decades of experience in this field. I have worked with many public school districts throughout Ohio, others across the country.  In addition to my advocacy and consulting work, I have provided customized workshops to disability support groups and created various parent seminars.


I am a member of COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates), Delaware County CASA, and other educational and disability related organizations. I have a Bachelor of Arts from Miami University where I have given lectures to special education students on their role in the special education process.


I welcome the opportunity to assist you in this very important process. 

Lisa Perez

Founder/Executive Director

Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting, LLC

Our Mission

Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting provides advocacy services and educational consulting to families of children with learning disabilities.

Our goal is to inform parents regarding the special education process and to help them become more knowledgeable about services and accommodations that may be appropriate for their child’s education.


Effective advocacy is the first step to ensure that your child’s rights are being followed under the federal law (IDEA) as well as Section 504 (Rehabilitation Act of 1973).  We work with families to understand your needs, address your concerns, and become your child’s best advocate.  


We are qualified to make educational recommendations and represent a parent’s perspective in meetings with school personnel. With our experience and your determination, Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting works towards helping your child realize their educational potential.


We understand the difficulties and demands of parenting a child with a learning disability.

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