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Helping Your Child

Our Services

Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting is ready to provide your family with over two decades of special education advocacy experience. Our goal is to provide parents, like you, with consultation and assistance to ensure your child with a learning disability receives the instruction and support that is appropriate for their needs.
Record Review

In order to help your child achieve their full potential, we provide a plan for moving forward by conducting an extensive review of your child's educational records, private evaluations, and educational assessments.

In Person Advocacy

Meeting with school officials can be emotional and intimidating. As your Advocate, we will be by your side offering support, guidance, and direction by attending meetings with your local school district.

Know Your Rights

Navigating state and federal laws, as a parent, can be overwhelming.  Our experienced team is here to help you become familiar with Special Education regulations to understand your rights as a parent of a child with special needs.

IEP & 504 Planning

Your child's educational success depends greatly upon the IEP and 504 plan and blueprint mapped out to ensure they're getting they help they need.  Our goal is to ensure these plans are implemented and followed.

District Liaison

We have decades of experience helping parents work collaboratively with their school districts.  It's our goal to develop and implement special education strategies, while ensuring access to the services your child needs to get the education they deserve.

Local Service

Each community is unique and based upon the available resources where you live. We're ready to connect you with the best local services to assist your child's transition and interactions within the community.

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