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Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting, LLC

Advocacy services and educational consulting for families with children with learning disabilities.
Who's advocating for your child’s education?
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Lisa Perez

Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting, LLC

Founder/Executive Director

Some parents find their local schools well-equipped to handle their children's special needs. For others, getting their special-needs child the help he or she requires is an enormously trying and emotional experience.


That's where I come in. My name is Lisa Perez.

Our Clients

"Lisa is the reason my son got help instead of suspensions."

"Hiring Lisa Perez was the best decision concerning my child’s education that I've ever made."

"Lisa knows her stuff and she knows the local school districts."

"Having someone like Lisa as an advocate on your child's IEP team, is priceless!"

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Our Events

We believe that staying informed is one of the most important ways to help your special needs child succeed in school. 


As your family's trusted Educational Advocate, we make it a priority to participate in and attend as many educational relevant events as possible. 


Our commitment to learning about the latest special needs educational news, laws, and regulations, helps us positively impact your child's best interest.


We strongly encourage you to attend these events with us!  

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